Apogee 1000

Portable Wisdom Facilitates your Diagnosis

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Ultracloud Cloud Backup
Save exam modes/parameters on the shared server,  Share preferred parameter with another system, Off-line access to patient record.

Cloud maintenance

Seek for solutions when system breaks down, Realtime system upgrade after downloading.


Cloud Teaching

Adjust your parameter to obtain optimal images, Use the scanning technique to acquire a standard section, Quickly reach to specific item to obtain the calculation result.


Cloud Communication

Share special cases with other users, Discuss technical issues with other users.


Cloud Information

Access to industry information and academic information, Cloud Diagnosis, Seek help from experts for diagnosis problems.


Excellent images upheld by superb technology enhance diagnostic accuracy and confidence.

Macro Fidelity (MFI)

With the MFI technology, Apogee 1000 effectively makes up the spatial resolution gap caused by discrete signals and enhances filtering accuracy. By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises, it renders premium images with outstanding resolution, high contrast and enhanced penetration.

The Elastography is adopted to visualize the stiffness of a tissue in real time by delivering an external compression on the tissue. Stiffness of the tissue can be clearly identified by color code.

Speckle Reduction Technology (SRT)
Adopting SRT technology, the system automatically traces useful tissue characterization, consolidates it and rejects surrounding noise, to deliver more clear-cut tissue edge and better shading.

Color Steering
It improves flow sensitivity, with several steering angles for selection.

WIFI Experience
With client application offered by SIUI, iPhone and iPad even wireless PC printer can connect with Apogee 1100 via WIFI, to receive, review and process ultrasound images.

Convex Probe R60


Linear Probe 38 mm


Linear Probe 50 mm


Micro-convex Probe R15


Micro-convex Probe R20


Rectal Linear 65 mm


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