Apogee 38OO Omni

Ultimate Ultrasound Imaging
Solution for Complex Diagnosis

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A-ONE Imaging Technology
-Frequency Spectrum Compound Imaging
-Broadband Harmonic Imaging
-Multi-beam Forming Technology
-Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
-Spatial Compound Imaging
-Accurate Doppler Flow Imaging


Comprehensive Clinical Solutions
-Complete Cardio-vascular Kits
Anatomical M Mode; Color M Mode; CWD (Continuous Wave Doppler); TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging); Built-in ECG; Stress Echo; Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Measurement; Panoramic Imaging.

-Intelligent Optimization

-Smart Image Mode Display
Supporting B+M/B+PW+CFM mode, B+Color M/B+PW+CFM mode, TDI/B+Color M mode, etc.

-Ergonomical Design
19”Multi-directional revolving high resolution medical LCD; Elevating and revolving operation console; Drawing keyboard and backlight; 8.4” touch screen for smart operation; 4 active probe connectors.


Frequency Spectrum Compound Imaging
The system both emits and receives a variety of frequency range, to guarantee both resolution in the near field and penetration in the far field.

Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
With 2 modes of SRT technology, the system is able to automatically track, identify and enhance useful tissue-characteristic information to reduce noise and artifacts, purify tissue shading and edging, improve contrast resolution and help early identification of tissue/structure lesion.

Stress Echo
The stress echo package, including physical and pharmacological stress, provides an effective way to observe how the cardiac muscle responds to stress, for diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

Auto IMT Measurement
The system automatically helps measure the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall, so as to evaluate cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension diabetes.

Panoramic Imaging
The panoramic imaging allows the doctors to get the wide view of large area tissue.

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