CTS-7700 Plus

Premium B/W Ultrasound System with Compact Design

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*Inherited from the outstanding image quality of CTS-7700
*New generation of B/W ultrasound
*12-inch medical LCD compact design
*Powerful clinical performance which color Doppler system
*Built-in lithium battery


Panoramic imaging
The system allows extending wider view for doctors to scan large area tissue with the movements of the transducer scanning.

Smart 3D imaging
The system allows doctors to obtain a high resolution 3D image reconstructed by moving the transducer to scan the target.

Free hand 3D

PWD upgradeability
The system supports the pulse wave Doppler module for vascular and cardiology quantitive analysis.

Wireless image transmission
The system offers doctor’s mobile working in hospitals and clinics by realizing on-scan images via an iPad/iPhone or a printer even if the doctor is away from the ultrasound system.

Convex Probe R60


Linear Probe 38 mm


Linear Probe 50 mm


Micro-convex Probe R15


Micro-convex Probe R20


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