CTS-8800V Plus

New Generation of B/W 4D Ultrasound Solution with Compact Design

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Console Design

  • Humanized appearance
  • Backlit keyboard, 8 TGC
  • Two active probe connectors
  • Three probe holders
  • 15-inch LCD monitor
  • Built-in lithium battery



  • Automatic Optimization
  • Speckled Reduction
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Tissue Harmonic imaging
  • Edit the exam type and save the user-defined
  • items
  • Compound Imaging (option)
  • Panoramic Imaging (option)
  • Color Doppler(option)
  • Free hand 3D (option)
  • Real time 3D (option)
  • Built-in battery (option)
  • Wireless Image transmission to iPad/iPhone or
  • the wireless PC printer (Option)

Versatile 4D Capability

The CTS-8800Plus offers excellent 4D imaging at an amazing price. Volumetric imaging technology covers obstetrics 4D fetus imaging and gynecology transvaginal volumetric imaging, all of which show more accurate and specific images for different clinical demand.

Wireless image transmission

The system offers doctor’s mobile working in hospitals and clinics by realizing on-scan images via an iPad/iPhone or a printer even if the doctor is away from the ultrasound system.

Color Doppler upgradeability

The system can support the upgrades of color flow mapping and pulse wave Doppler and triple mode as well, which make itself a complete color Doppler ultrasound system ideal for users in the entry level.

Convex Probe R60


Linear Probe 38 mm


Linear Probe 50 mm


Micro-convex Probe R15


Micro-convex Probe R20


Rectal Linear 65 mm


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