Veterinary Portable DR System

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X-Ray Generator
-Built-in battery power supply and wireless transmission release the X-ray from the laboratory. You can delivery the examination in the emergency rooms, operation rooms and fields.
-Beam Limiting Device is equipped with LED to largely save energy as well as provide the brightest guide.
-Laser indicator provides you a best distance and exposure area central.
-High precision exposure parameter control ensures image clarity and sharpness.

X-Ray Flat Panel
-System effective imaging area: 264mm×325 mm or 356mm×427mm
-Acquisition pixel A/D conversion: 16 bits
-Digital image processing time: less than 3s
-Image output format: DICOM,BMP,JPG or TIF

Acquisition Software
-User-friendly operation interface
-Positive/negative inversion, rotation, zoom, trim, image magnifier, etc.
-Practical report template, with one or more images inserted as required
-Mini PACS system
-Reproductive software for equine, bovine, ovine, canine, feline and primate

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