Digital Radiography Imaging System

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SSY-1000HU System Composition

ComponentsSpecifications and description
Medical High Frequency and High Voltage Generator*Output tube voltage: 40kV-150kV *Output tube current: 10mA-640mA *Load time: 0.001s-10s
X-Ray Tube Component*Big focus: 1.2mm
*Small focus: 0.6mm
*Anode revolving speed: 2800 r/min
*Thermal capacity: 930 KJ
X-Ray Digital Detector*17”×17” CCD large field of view, 4K×4K pixel matrix
*High resolution, semiconductor refrigeration and long life performance
Multi-functional Movable Framework*Ergonomic and intelligent design
*One button switch from standing to lying position
*Angle-free remote control function within 20 meters
Image Acquisition Workstation(Min. Configuration)*2.0G dual-core CPU/ 2G RAM/ 320G HD/ 1000M network card/ DVD-RW
*19-inch LCD
*1000M network port, DICOM 3.0 port
Digital Image acquisition Softwarepatient registration, image acquisition & processing, trim, negative, image inversion, rotation, zoom, annotation, shifting, display, image window width/level adjustment, DICOM image transfer, DICOM film printing, Worklist function, statistical query, mini PACS system
Option *High-density dedicated DR grid
*Movable bed
*Intercom system
*Dedicated DICOM monitor
*Digital film printer




Reflective single CCD structure, without any radiographic damage to the detector
Large matrix design, with 4K×4K pixels and16-bit grayscale
17”×17” effective imagine area, satisfying clinical demands
Up to 4.6lp/mm space resolution
Efficient and intelligent digital image processing, with imaging time less than 7s
Large-aperture lens technology, ensuring low-dose exposure

Medical High Frequency and High Voltage Generator

  • Filament value auto-calibration and high-precision exposure parameter control, enabling clear and sharp images
  • Efficient failure self-protection and self-diagnosis, easy maintenance and repair

    Multi-Functional Movable Framework with UC Arm


    Ergonomic and intelligent design, flexible operation. With one button only, the system is switched from standing to lying position, good for X-ray imaging of different body parts
    Angle-free remote control within 20 meters, improving clinical working efficiency


    Image Processing




    *Manual /auto window width/ level, auto local window width/ level, preset window width/ level
    *Positive/ negative inversion, image inversion, image rotation and Zoom
    Edge enhancement: to identify and analyze images automatically, reinforcing image edge sharpness
    *Dynamic range optimization: to compress original image dynamic curves automatically for easy diagnosis
    *High frequency image enhancement: to enhance image contrast and detail resolution
    *Tissue equalization and Image contrast enhancement
    *Noise rejection: to filter noise signals, decrease image noise significantly and improve image S/N ratio

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