Social Responsibility

At SIUI, we believe in Thanks and Giving and assume our due social responsibility. We contribute to the community regularly by donating ultrasound imaging systems to the impoverish regions and old revolutionary base areas, alleviating their difficulty of getting medical treatment.

  • In the wake of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, SIUI contributed to the quake-hit region about RMB5 million of fund and equipment to aid post-disaster reconstruction;
  • In 2009 SIUI donated color Doppler ultrasound imaging systems worth RMB1 million to Guangdong Red Cross Society,for treatment of children with congenital heart disease in poverty;
  • Subsequent to Qinghai Earthquake in 2010, SIUI contributed ultrasound systems worth RMB1 million to the quake-hit area.

SIUI will stick to its faith to better serve the community, without which SIUI may not be blessed with its achievement today.